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We know everyone loves shopping for that special outfit! Currently, we offer tons of different dresses for all occasions. Anniversaries and birthdays are one of the biggest events that we all have to celebrate. Whether they’re romantic or with your friends and colleagues, you’ll need a dress for the special occasion. If you’re looking for something with more personality, try our jumpsuits and or dressy rompers. To style these, just pair them with neutral accessories to let the one-piece itself pop. 

Check it Out Now - Our New Arrivals which span across all categories, too – not just dresses! With the seasons changing, check in with the latest tops, shirts, blouses, and sweaters so that you can dress appropriately for the weather. Swap out crop tops for snuggle weather sweaters and more. Coordinate with our latest accessories. Browse all of our New Arrivals now for the latest and greatest in-store or online at A&J. 



Rocky River Dress


White Ruffled Dress


Cream Woven Romper


Sweater Mid-Dress w/Pockets


Abby Floral Dress

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